Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dr. Clint Bass publishes “Thomas Grantham (1633-1692) and General Baptist Theology”

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Dr. Clint Bass publishes “Thomas Grantham (1633-1692) and General Baptist Theology”

BOLIVAR, Mo. – Dr. Clint Bass, assistant professor of church history in the Redford College of Theology and Ministry at Southwest Baptist University, has recently published his first book, “Thomas Grantham (1633-1692) and General Baptist Theology.”

The book, based on Bass’s doctoral thesis, focuses primarily on the doctrine of the General Baptist leader, Thomas Grantham.

“The book was meant to give a full account of the life and thought of the most important General Baptist theologian of the later seventeenth century,” Bass said.

The book tells the life of Thomas Grantham in its first chapter, followed by an account of Grantham’s ecclesiology in its second chapter. Chapter three deals with Thomas Grantham’s view of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Chapter four explains the controversy over the laying of the hands, a divisive practice among Baptists of the period. Chapter five covers Grantham’s understanding of salvation. Lastly, chapter six focuses on Grantham’s role in opposition to the Christological deficiency adopted by a small party of his churchmen.  

In writing the book Dr. Bass addresses some of the misconceptions about the General Baptists, namely when and to what extent they became heterodox in their Christology. He also critiques what some recent authors have said about early Baptist views of the ordinances.

“There is a trend to attribute to Grantham a higher sacramentalism than what he actually held in baptism and the Lord’s Supper,” Bass said.

The book focuses on Thomas Grantham’s life and thought; however, by interacting with the wider context, Bass also explains how the General Baptists are to be understood in relation to the religious milieu of Restoration England. 

 The book is sold by the Centre for Baptist History and Heritage, Regent's Park College (Oxford). It can be purchased on the Web for 22 pounds (roughly $33.50 on today's rate).

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